ABC Laboratories
Columbia, Missouri

  • 45,000 SF Bio-Safety Level II Lab Space
  • 6,000 SF of Secure Stability Chamber Labs
  • 25,000 SF of Class A Office Space
  • 5,000 SF of Built In Expansion Lab Space
  • FDA and DEA Approved Laboratories
  • Design/Build project with “Green Practices”
  • Total Project Costs Including Design:
    $161.00/Square Foot
  • 24 Modular and Interchangeable Analytical Stations per
  • High Efficiency Hot Water Boilers, Two Rotary Chillers, and Two Freezer Coolers
  • Four Stability Chambers and a Mass Spectrometer Lab
  • Laboratory Space Equipped with Fume Hoods, DI Water
    System, and Seamless Flooring
  • Data Center, Telecommunications Room, and Computer
  • Room have Raised Access Flooring
  • Protected by an ECARO-25 Gas Fire Suppression System &
    Regulatory Approved Security System