ARCO Begins Renovation Project for Places for People in St. Louis

ARCO’s St. Louis office recently began renovations on the Places for People project in St. Louis, Missouri. The renovation includes tenant finishes, and build out requirements for approximately 66,838 SF of existing space to accommodate a new office and care facility and is projected to be complete December 1st, 2020.

Places for People plays an integral role in the St. Louis community as they provide numerous services and programs for people of all ages who are recovering from addiction or need extra guidance and support after their stay in hospitals or the justice system. Along with aiding on the road to health and healing for individuals during the recovery process, Places for Peoples offers many other services such as medical care, creating and building positive support systems for families, substance abuse programs, employment, parenting programs, HIV/AIDS services, residential case management and suicide prevention support. Additionally, Places for People places heavy emphasis on their Center of Excellence which aims to improve the services for people with behavioral health disorders. “The vision of the Center of Excellence is to improve the service system in the St. Louis region for people with serious behavioral health disorders, thereby improving the wellness and recovery outcomes for persons with these disorders. We also envision improving the knowledge and skills—and indeed the health and well-being—of the workforce of those who serve them.” (Places for People)

“We know the road to recovery is not easy, and we promise to put in the work to help each person live his or her best life. Our staff will go the extra mile to make a difference for the people we serve every single day. We don’t give up.”- Places for People Mission Statement

ARCO is thrilled to support Places for People and their mission to better the St. Louis community every day. To learn more about ARCO and charities we are involved in, visit our Culture and Community page on our website.