ARCO Community Involvement | Gene Slay’s Girls & Boys Club of St. Louis

Here at ARCO, charity work and giving back to our community is a top priority. We are involved with several charities, one being Gene Slay’s Girls and Boys Club of St. Louis. Their mission is to empower boys and girls and help them realize and reach their full potential, physically, emotionally, and intellectually. Founded 91 years ago, GSGBC has been serving the St. Louis community by providing programs for under-resourced youth in areas such as academics, athletics, arts, leadership building, and much more.  

“At ARCO, it’s so important to our organization to make a real difference in our local communities.  Our efforts from both a financial and a sweat equity standpoint provides exciting opportunities for the kids of south St. Louis served by GSGBC.  There is a true sense of pride for us when we see another under-resourced south St. Louis young adult graduate from high school and go to college or simply to just see the happiness of a child getting a GSGBC provided breakfast or lunch.  We get back so much more than what we give.” Hank Bellina, ARCO Principal and GSGBC Board of Directors

We are thrilled to sponsor Gene Slay’s Girls and Boys Club of St. Louis and their continual support and opportunities they provide the youth of our community. To learn more about our community involvement, visit our culture and community page.