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ARCO Construction Vendors of the Year

Each year, ARCO associates gather to cast their votes and select Vendors of the Year. Our associates selected vendors based on their commitment to safety, quality, schedule and collaboration and select a variety of vendors from subcontractors to material distributors.

These vendors are an integral part of creating effective solutions and positive construction experiences for our clients and we value their continued partnership.

John Bender

Key Projects: NEO Vantage Pointe, Citrine & Bastian Solutions

John Bender not only excels in delivering exceptional quality and reliability, but also stands out as a remarkable team player on each ARCO job they are on. Their seamless collaboration with other trades ensures smooth operation in the field and timely completion of their work. We value John Bender’s partnership for their workmanship and team mentality.

NEO Vantage Pointe
Weaver Steel

Key Projects: TopGolf St. Louis

TopGolf Midtown St. Louis

Key Projects: Weissman Expansion & Citrine

Budrovich’s values and team approach to every project makes them very easy and enjoyable to work with. They clearly value relationships and their reputation – the focus quality and schedule shows it.

“The teamwork and collaboration on ARCO projects is always top notch.  The field superintendents, project engineers, managers and the accounting staff all work together with the subcontractors to make every project as successful  as possible!”

-Nick Rothe, Vice President

D7 Roofing

Key Projects: Reno Ave Distribution Park, Millpark & Bastian Solutions

“There is no partner out there quite like ARCO Construction to build buildings across the country with; I truly feel like I’m part of the team when installing roofs with ARCO Construction. All the staff keep the subcontractors heavily involved through all stages of the development, pre-con and buy out process of every project, which makes the execution of a build go seamlessly.”

-Brant Kehrer, D7 Roofing

Degenhardt Heating & Cooling

Key Projects: The Rail

The Degenhardt field and office team are very easy to work with and great at problem solving. Degenhardt’s team members are very efficient and focused on quality. We value their commitment to schedule and look forward to completing The Rail with them in late 2024!

Flooring Systems

Key Projects: Provision Living Findlay & NEO Vantage Pointe

Flooring Systems is a long-standing ARCO partner in creating high-quality interior spaces for a variety of our clients. We value their attention to detail and commitment to working together to offer a positive experience for our clients.


Key Projects: The NinetyNine & MDH Partners | Gateway 303

Graydaze Contracting once again shines as a true ARCO partner in everything they touch – from safety and quality to communication and culture, we are grateful for their continued contributions and in sharing our many successes together.  A huge thank you to the entire Graydaze team from coast to coast for being one of ARCO’s go-to painters and caulkers!

Jarrell Mechanical

Key Projects: Rawlings Westlink Expansion

John J. Smith Masonry

Key Projects: Millpark, Weissman Expansion & NEO Vantage Pointe

From project start to finish, John J. Smith Masonry is a trusted partner in delivering a variety of quality solutions for our clients.

“ARCO’s design-build approach means they get involved from the very start. This helps put John J. Smith Masonry and any other suppliers/subcontractors in a position to keep a project on time, in scope and on budget. All of which are key for a successful project outcome. We enjoy ARCO’s professionalism and look forward to future projects.”

-John Smith Jr.

Kolb Grading

Key Projects: Reno Ave Distribution Park

We value Kolb Grading’s partnership on the Reno Ave Distribution Park – Kolb went above and beyond to ensure this project’s success and we look forward to working with them in the near future.

“The ARCO team always has energetic and positive approach to every project as well as wonderful attention to detail.  Communication and coordination throughout construction is very well-organized.”

–Adam Jenkins, P.E.


Key Projects: First Street Flats, Parcel 22 Apartments & The Rail

Next Level Metal

Key Projects: First Street Flats, Parcel 22 Apartments & Champion’s Way

Challenges are always inevitable in construction, but Next Level always finds a way to help us through those challenges in stride. They are an ARCO vendor of the year for their dedication to their clients and continued excellent work.

OJ Laughlin

Key Projects: TopGolf St. Louis & Bastian Solutions

PM Leach Painting

Key projects: Byerly RV Expansion and Weissman Expansion

PM Leach is a reliable asset on ARCO projects due to their communication and responsiveness and they always provide quality work with competitive pricing.

RJP Electric

Key Projects: Weissman Expansion and Reno Ave Distribution Park

RJP is a reliable asset on ARCO projects due to their problem solving and ability to be true design/builders like ARCO and their quality of work is always exceptional.

TJ Wies

Key Projects: NEO Vantage Pointe & Citrine

TJ Wies is a valued partner of ARCO because, time and time again, they understand the importance of precision, efficiency, and reliability. Their can-do attitude and ability to take on the challenge makes them an ARCO vendor of the year.

Vee-Jay Cement

Key Projects: Vande East | City Foundry Phase II, Reno Ave Distribution Park & Citrine

Vee-Jay Cement has partnered with ARCO on a variety of projects throughout the region. Their partnership is an integral piece in generating quality solutions for our industrial and multifamily clients.

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