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Digital Realty Data Center

  • Installed 18-section 13.8-kV Switchgear
  • Installed Two (2) 2-MW Unit Substations
  • Performed Switch-Over of Building Power from Utility Transformer to New MV Gear
  • Moved 2-MW Generator to Ground-Level
  • Performed Structural Upgrades to Existing Facility Basement for Generator Support
  • Installed a 2-Tank Generator Fuel-System in Containment Vault Underneath Existing Sidewalk
  • Doubled Load-Capacity of 9th and 10th Floors of Existing Facility with Structural Steel
  • Decommissioned Elevator, Separated from Common-Shaft and Crated 11-story Mechanical Shaft with Platforms at Each Level
  • Upgraded Building Fire-Alarm System to High-Rise System

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