ARCO Stands Down for Safety

The construction industry puts the focus on fall protection this week, as OSHA’s annual National Fall Prevention Stand-Down event has safety managers across the country reminding their crews of the importance of fall protection on the job site. ARCO associates at the company’s corporate office donned hard hats and high-viz and received a brief refresher from ARCO Safe’s Mitch Pryor on proper fall prevention procedures.

“Each year there are dozens of construction workers who show up at their job sites in the morning and who don’t make it home to their families that night,” Pryor said. “It is so important to make sure that the proper fall prevention procedures are being followed on all of ARCO’s job sites at all times.”

According to OSHA’s website, of the approximately 870 construction fatalities recorded in the US in 2014, 337 of those deaths were due to falls on the job site.

OSHA hopes to reach 5 million workers in 2016, about half of all construction workers in the US. National Fall Prevention Stand-Down is a voluntary event held between May 2nd and May 6th, 2016 that aims to raise awareness about the dangers of fall hazards, and stress the importance of proper fall prevention on site.  For more information, visit