ARCO’s Tulsa Whirlpool Project Earns LEED Silver Certification

ARCO is thrilled to have received the Silver LEED Rating from the U.S. Green Building Council on our recently completed Whirlpool FDC project with Pizzuti Companies in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In order to receive a LEED Rating (Certification, Silver, Gold, Platinum), the project must earn and document a quantity of points for integrating various green building strategies across several categories.

The Project was awarded 51/110 points under LEED V4, with values as follows in the following categories:

  • Integrative Process 1/1 
  •  Location & Transportation 2/16
  •  Sustainable Sites 4/10
  •  Water Efficiency 6/11
  •  Energy & Atmosphere 25/33
  •  Material Resources 2/13
  • Indoor Environmental Quality 4/16
  • Innovation & Design 4/6
  • Regional Priority 3/4

As the site was pre-selected for proximity to an existing manufacturing operation, ARCO’s Team focused significant efforts into Energy and Water for pursuit of the LEED goal.  Notable metrics identified in the final LEED Report are:

  • Energy consumption reduction of 51.50% vs the applicable standard.
  • Water use reduction of 40.40% vs the applicable standard.
  • Construction waste diversion of 80.35% through multiple streams of recycling and onsite recapture/repurpose. 

The resulting energy/water savings will pay decades of dividends both environmentally and through operational cost savings to Whirlpool. The facility will produce nearly 1,000 metric-tons/year fewer greenhouse gas emissions than a similar building constructed to a baseline energy design.  The team incorporated lower-flow plumbing fixtures, drought-tolerant plantings and reduced irrigation areas, a highly-insulated building envelope, high-efficiency LED lighting with occupancy sensors, efficient direct-fired natural gas warehouse heating units, HVAC refrigerants that minimize ozone-depletion/global-warming potential, and exhaust fans with improved efficiency for the necessary ventilation.

The building was fully-commissioned by a third party CxA (BranchPattern) to verify proper operation of energy-consuming building systems.

We are grateful to have collaborated with BranchPattern as our LEED/ & Sustainability Consultant and contributed to making this project goal a reality.